May 9, 2023

Yes you need a degree to apply to CSIS… but you shouldn’t

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The Province of Ontario recently scrapped plans to raise the recruitment requirement for law enforcement to a post-secondary degree. This was sited as an effort to boost police recruitment.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) also has a post – secondary degree / diploma requirement to become an Intelligence Officer or Surveillant.

I agree with the Province decision and I wish CSIS followed their lead. I don’t believe we should have post – secondary recruitment requirements. I think that people can take all sorts of paths in life and many develop the relevant skills and experience that would make them exceptional Intelligence Officers or law enforcement officers without a degree.

Let me be clear, I think University degrees are valuable. I believe we should maintain high recruitment standards and offer great training. I simply don’t believe that individuals without a degree should be excluded from being evaluated in the HR process.

See a Youtube video on the subject

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