October 24, 2022

Why you should consider bug sweeps in schools and recreation facilities

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Kirsch Group was recently hired to conduct a technical surveillance countermeasures (“bug sweep”) of a school. We were looking for any covert cameras in the bathrooms, locker / changing rooms and other common areas. This is an annual engagement that the school conducts as a best practice following the public use of the campus over the summer, before their students return. 

Unfortunately, there have been several recent public cases involving hidden unauthorized devices used for nefarious purposes; particularly in schools.

Some recent examples include;

– A teacher was accused of using a hidden camera to capture images of female students in a Cleveland Middle School locker room (
 – Staff at a Starbucks in downtown Toronto discovered a hidden camera in the public washroom (

– A family vacationing at an Airbnb in Brampton found a hidden camera in one of the bedrooms. (

– A former London, Ontario teacher, who was subsequently convicted of voyeurism, used a camera hidden in a fountain pen to take covert images of female students. (

– A retired Canadian Forces member was accused of hiding cameras in bathrooms in various locations in Canada and the United States (

One problem is that covert cameras are widely available, inexpensive and very easy for threat actors to purchase and install in places where they are not likely to be found. Large retailers like Amazon and Walmart advertise covert cameras for as little as $20. 

The second reason more devices haven’t been found is that nobody is looking for them. 

We applaud our client for their diligence and duty of care for their students, staff and visitors. If you are interested in a comprehensive and cost-effective sweep for covert cameras or other hidden technical surveillance equipment please get in touch.




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