November 4, 2022

What to do if I’m threatened at home?

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Our homes are often the place where we feel the most safe, but instances can arise where we are confronted by angry neighbours, protesters, porch pirates, other late-night or unwanted visitors. Below are some strategies to protect yourself and respond appropriately if you have an issue at your home. 

Before an incident

  1. Change all locks when moving into a new home
  2. Check to make sure there no interior photos available online (e.g. old real estate listings / social media posts)
    • Ensure geo-location tags are turned off of any photos of the home
    • Check if home address is listed online in any association with you (and / or business)
  3. Access to your property should be clearly defined with signage, path maintenance, lighting and fencing used to deter unwanted access or approaches. This means;
    • It should be clear where your designated access point is to receive visitors
    • That access point should be well lit
    • There should be good natural surveillance of that area from the house, neighbours and the street – cut away overgrown trees and hedges if required.
  4. Pre-program local police and security company numbers into your phone
  5. Develop a relationship with your neighbours to alert each other of suspicious activity
  6. Consider duress or panic buttons for home or keychain, as required

When alerted to a potential threat

  1. Do not answer the door or engage
  2. Assess the threat maintaining safe distance and staying removed from the situation; you can use,
    • Two-way doorbell camera and microphone
    • Static security camera with quick access / monitoring capability
    • Door Peephole
  3. Keep away from sidelights and front windows. 

When you Need Help 

  1. Call the police (emergency or non-emergency line, as required)
    • You are not obligated to give your name
  2. Call your security provider or use duress alarm
    • Private security is not advised to engage (let the police handle the disturbance)
    • They can assess, record and report when the police arrive
  3. Keep away from windows and put your phone on silent
  4. Call any members of the household that are not home
    • Advise them to remain away from the home until the issue is resolved
  5. Wait for confirmation from police that it is safe

This advice is for information purposes.  If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, please contact the Police. Call 9-1-1 if you see a crime in progress or need immediate assistance

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