January 23, 2023

What does a bug sweep include?

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A Technical Surveillance Countermeasures survey or “Bug Sweep” includes looking for covert technology such as hidden cameras and microphones that are used by malicious actors to capture and transmit sensitive corporate information and / or private conversations for nefarious purposes

The Sweep

A physical and technical inspection

  • Conduct a thorough physical search of the area including furnishings and room structure to locate any listening / recording devices or areas to be further examined electronically.
  • An initial cursory passive monitoring of the space for signals to record signal burst or random transmissions.  
  • A more thorough electronic survey for devices capable of communications intercepts and transmission, including but not limited to RF, optical, and other devices used for video, audio and data interception (“bugs”).
  • Scanning for wiretaps, including but not limited to, recording and transmit wiretaps.
  • Initial on-site advisory and remediation
  • Rogue or suspicious transmitting devices and or software / hardware found conspicuously onsite will be discreetly brought immediately to attention.

Verbal Brief

Upon completion of the sweep, a verbal brief will be providing identifying any immediate threats, risks or areas of concern as well as advising on any time sensitive recommendations to protect the space.

A report summarizing the evaluation including

A report will be provided with a review of actions taken, threat findings and general observations of acoustic leakage and information security vulnerabilities, as well as any other information security risks identified with recommendations for security enhancements. The depth and breadth of the final report will be refined when scoping the project.

Who are the sweepers

Andrew Kirsch led covert technical surveillance installation operations for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). At Kirsch Group he has assembled an experienced team of technologist who have served in Canadian law enforcement and the military with extensive experience in criminal investigations, wire taps, covert video, surveillance, TSCM – electronic countermeasures/sweeps, security systems, identification services and VIP Security. Kirsch Group has conducted countermeasures sweeps for government, corporate and executive clients. 


The equipment is national security grade and is trusted at the highest levels of government and corporate security

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