September 18, 2023

Understanding our Online Exposure

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Many inquiries about online exposure and digital risk focus on the methods and tools for finding exposed data on the open as well as deep and dark web. But that is only part of the equation. Digital risk reports that are simple lists or catalogues of an individual’s information available online is only useful, to a point.

A complete assessment includes mitigating risk as well as the act of identifying it. What are we looking for, what does the information we find mean in terms of risks and what should we do about it?

At Kirsch Group we have developed a standard methodology to instruct our researchers and help our clients interpret and action the results into a security plan that is right for them. We serve corporate security teams with executive protection responsibilities, law firms or the individuals themselves.

Download the Assessment Tool here

Please feel free to look, use, and share – to protect yourself, your clients, or anyone to whom you have a duty of care. We are also very open to feedback and suggestions. Let’s work together to keep each other safe.

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