July 29, 2023

Strengthening Communities: The AHSP Grant

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In an era marked by inclusivity and unity, the rise of hate crimes and discrimination poses a significant threat to our society. Recognizing the urgent need to tackle this issue, the provincial government of Ontario has taken a proactive step to strengthen communities by introducing the Anti-Hate Security and Prevention (AHSP) Grant. Similar to the the Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP), this grant aims to empower and strengthen communities and organizations to bolster their security measures and foster an environment of harmony and understanding.

Goal of the Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant

The Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant is a pivotal stride towards a hate-free Ontario. It is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible organizations that seek to protect themselves from hate-motivated incidents. The grant is open to various types of entities, such as places of worship, community centers, educational institutions, and grassroots organizations, all of which play a crucial role in fostering social cohesion.

How the Grant Supports Communities-at-Risk

Funding may be allocated to a wide range of security enhancements, such as surveillance systems, access control measures, fencing, and lighting, among others. Additionally, the grant supports training and education of staff, volunteers, and community members on how to prevent or respond to hate-motivated incidents

The Application Process

To ensure transparency and fairness, the grant application process is outlined on the official Ontario government website. Organizations are required to submit detailed proposals outlining their project’s objectives, budget, and expected outcomes.


The Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant represents a significant step forward in the fight against hate crimes and discrimination in Ontario. By offering financial support to eligible organizations, better security infrastructure can strengthen and support those fighting to protect marginalized groups.

Kirsch Group provides security planning and training services such as threat risk assessments and assistance with security planning documents that qualify for AHSP grant funding. If you would like to discuss your security requirements or are considering applying for a AHSP grant and would like a quote for security services please get in touch.



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