OSI Summit 2023

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Date: 18 November, 2023 (TOronto) June 2023 – Vancouver


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Description: Andrew Kirsch took the stage as the keynote speaker at the OSI Group National Summit, delivering a compelling session on cybersecurity awareness. Held across two events in Toronto and Vancouver, the summit focused on illuminating the evolving cyber threats and equipping attendees with practical strategies to enhance clinic security and safeguard valuable data. Andrew Kirsch provided attendees with actionable insights into mitigating online risks and fortifying clinic security measures. His expertise and guidance equipped participants with the tools to protect their clinics’ integrity and reputation amidst an increasingly complex digital landscape.

More about OSI Group: OSI Group has been a stalwart supporter of owner optometrists for over 40 years, dedicated to strengthening independent optometric clinics through tailored management, training, and technological solutions. The National Summit underscored OSI Group’s commitment to empowering clinics with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate cybersecurity challenges effectively. OSI Group continues to uphold its mission of supporting optometric clinics’ independence by fostering a community-driven approach to cybersecurity readiness and resilience. The summit’s success was a testament to OSI Group’s ongoing dedication to empowering clinic owners with essential resources for sustainable growth and security.


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