­­Ontario Model UN Event at Upper Canada College 2024

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Date: April 6. 2024


Description: Andrew Kirsch was honored to serve as the keynote speaker at the Ontario Model United Nations (OMUN) 2024 event held at Upper Canada College. Embracing the theme “Never Walk Alone,” this year’s conference emphasized collaboration, support, and shared responsibility in global diplomacy.

More about Ontario Model United Nations (OMUN): OMUN has established itself as a leading Model UN experience renowned for its substantive excellence, academic rigor, and innovative programming. Guided by the theme “Never Walk Alone,” OMUN encourages delegates to embark on a journey where inclusivity and mutual support define the diplomatic process. Every delegate is valued, ensuring that no one navigates the complexities of global diplomacy alone. At the heart of OMUN’s mission is the commitment to foster an inclusive and supportive environment, where delegates can engage in meaningful discourse, hone their diplomatic skills, and cultivate relationships that transcend borders. By promoting collaboration and shared responsibility, OMUN equips future leaders with the tools to address global challenges collectively.


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