IPEIA Conference 2024

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Date: Feb 26 2024

URL: https://www.ipeia.com/ There is a great video on the website if we can steal it and link to it!!

Description: Andrew Kirsch was honored to deliver a keynote presentation at the International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association (IPEIA) conference held at the picturesque Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, Canada. Addressing a diverse audience from the pressure equipment industry and related educational groups, Andrew focused on the evolving landscape of security in today’s changing world.

More about IPEIA: IPEIA, a renowned not-for-profit organization, has been a pivotal force in the pressure equipment industry for over 25 years. The association brings together stakeholders such as UCIA, ARPIA, GUAC, SIA, CCIA, and APPCA, alongside professionals engaged in pressure equipment sectors. Through its annual conference and exhibition, IPEIA fosters collaboration among students, educators, vendors, regulatory bodies, and industry professionals to advance safety, reliability, and technological innovation in pressure equipment. IPEIA remains dedicated to enhancing pressure equipment safety, reliability, and integrity through education, networking, and collaborative initiatives. The association’s mission is to increase awareness, provide continuous education, facilitate industry-regulator dialogue, and support innovative industry initiatives.


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