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Date: April 25, 2024


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Description: Andrew Kirsch, esteemed author and security expert, captivated audiences at Biblio Bash 2024, the Toronto Public Library Foundation’s premier annual gala. Against the backdrop of the transformed Toronto Reference Library into a magical forest, the event raised an impressive $1,071,550 to support crucial initiatives of the Toronto Public Library. With over 450 distinguished guests and featuring talks by 38 of Canada’s notable authors, including Andrew Kirsch, Biblio Bash 2024, presented by Fitzrovia, celebrated Toronto’s literary community and philanthropic spirit. Kirsch took the stage to share insights from his book, “I Was Never Here,” unveiling the realities of life as an intelligence officer with humour, honesty, and candour. Biblio Bash 2024 exemplifies the power of literature and community solidarity, uniting diverse voices to champion education, inclusion, and the transformative impact of storytelling.

More about Biblio Bash Gala Event: Biblio Bash 2024, an annual gala event that has been a cornerstone of Toronto’s cultural calendar since 2017, transformed the Toronto Reference Library into a whimsical forest, setting the stage for an enchanting evening that underscored the importance of literacy and community support. Hosted by comedian, actor, and author Ali Hassan, the event featured lively auctions and heartfelt speeches that highlighted the impact of the Toronto Public Library Foundation’s initiatives. The funds raised, including significant contributions to the Newcomer Community Initiative, will empower the Toronto Public Library to expand essential services for newcomers, including language programs, financial literacy support, and vital resources for integrating into Canadian society. Biblio Bash 2024 stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to education, cultural enrichment, and fostering a welcoming environment for all residents.


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