August 16, 2022

Podcast Appearances

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I’ve been extremely fortunate to be invited to a number of interesting podcasts and longform discussions about the book. Here are a few:

Bob Got a Microphone Podcast

I really enjoyed my conversation with Bob Tarantino on his podcast Bob Got A Microphone. We got into the impact a spy career has on relationships and how that evolved for me from when I applied to #csis and then ultimately decided it was time to leave.

You can listen here: :—Spies-Like-Me-e1ei34q

Andanotherthing Podcast

I joined, Tony and Jodie on the And Another Thing Podcast to talk about my book and let them know what it was really like to be a Canadian Spy and how that affected my life outside of my career.

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

Security Talk with Ryerson Cybersecure Policy Exchange

In this fireside chat with Charles Finlay the Executive Director of Ryerson Cyber Security Catalyst I told some stories that weren’t in the book and of course talked cyber security!

You can watch the video on my youtube channel:

True Spies Podcast

On this podcast we did a deep dive on the longest night of my professional career.




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