November 30, 2022

Phil Gurski Podcast – Canada Intelligence eh?

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Is CSIS morale low and should we care?

In September 2022, I joined Phil Gurski on his Borealis podcast – Canadian Intelligence eh? to discuss the issue of morale at CSIS. All of Phil’s podcasts can be found here:

The value of saying – Thank You

One thing I’d like to expand on from the podcast – since I’ve become very public I have, on occasion, been thanked for my Service – from friends and random people who read my book and reach out. It’s incredibly nice to hear and hits a little harder because in my almost 10 years at CSIS I honestly can’t think of one time I was ever publicly thanked just for working where I worked.
 A large part of being a spy is keeping a low profile. And honestly, I wasn’t a super spy or big time operator “BTO” as we used to say. I was a small part of a large organization that I felt did important work and I took self-satisfaction from that. But I have to admit, the thanks and acknowledgement feels nice and it’s something that when I was inside, I never realized I was missing. I always felt proud to be a part of the organization. To hear other people validate that sense of pride, only enhances it.

The morale at CSIS is low.

It was low when I was there, and it doesn’t sound like it’s gotten better since I left. The nature of the job is that there won’t be public acknowledgement which means this falls on internal leadership to change a culture that I believe should go further to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the effort and sacrifices of the people that keep us safe.

To my former colleagues let me tell you. Your efforts are appreciated. I’ve gotten a few pats on the back I feel a little guilty for accepting but happy to pass along.

Listen to the podcast below.

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