September 18, 2023

Partnership between Certn and Kirsch Group

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Kirsch Group is very excited to partner with Certn to help companies build, incorporate, and automate background checks into their HR processes as a part of their physical and information corporate security program

Power of the Partnership

The partnership between Kirsch Group and Certn makes it easy to send, start and confirm background checks and verifications

  • Use Certn’s all-in-one platform to optimize your processes
  • Easily prove security program compliance to your clients, executives, investors, or auditor
  • Global capabilities for hiring vetted employees

Kirsch Group Due Diligence

At Kirsch Group we believe security screening and access management is the foundational component of corporate security. Employees, subcontractors, partners, visitors and even some clients that require access to company assets, information and people should be restricted to what is required for their role and function. An effective security program should involve a formal process for authorizing escalated access privileges based on corresponding enhanced vetting and due diligence. Whether you require background checks and enhanced screening for regulatory or compliance purposes or simply want to ensure you are following best practices, Kirsch Group is here to assist with all levels of your employee screening and vetting program

All-in-One Platform

The foundation of your corporate security and employee-employer relationship starts at hiring. Take control of the process.

With Certn’s all-in-one platform conducing background checks that meet your requirements has never been easier.

  • Provide an easy solution for your potential employees to get checked
  • Help human resources manage the background check process
  • Save time and money for your recruitment team and your candidates

To get a free demo or learn more about Certn, you can reach out to them directly and receive preferred pricing through our referral link

Background checks are part of Kirsch Group’s due diligence and investigations practice

Get in touch and let Kirsch Group help you optimize your vetting program.

Additional Due Diligence Services

KG offers enhanced background checks, due diligence and investigation services where additional access or vetting is required

  • Employment vetting for high profile hires with prominent or public facing roles
  • Additional screening where access is required to sensitive or privileged information
  • Enhanced background checks of potential partners, or investors
  • Self-assessments and due diligence to provide situational awareness and sentinel advice to employees that may be targeted given their positions and access
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures



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