Online Exposure Assessments

Did you ever think about all the information that is available about you online? It’s probably more than you think and a lot more intrusive than you would like. This is called your “digital footprint”. It’s your online identity. It’s a trail of unique data you create and leave behind about yourself when using the Internet. It can include the information you personally share as well as information posted and collected about you from apps you use, the websites you visit, and information you submit to online services.

The Kirsch Consulting Group is now offering an Online Exposure Threat Risk Assessment. Our trained open source intelligence analysts using the latest tools available to law enforcement and private investigators will provide you a snapshot overview of your digital footprint with a risk rating and recommendations for remediating and mitigating your online risk. Your digital footprint will be assessed for:

Negative Sentiment and Identified Threats

-        Is there any specific targeted negative language, mentions or threats against your or any affiliated organizations and associations that you are directly linked to by the authors of the threats?

Physical Security Threat Surface

-        What are the physical places identified in connection or association with you that would provide a possible opportunity for an attacker to confront you? This includes associations with known activities that would reveal your future identifiable movements and whereabouts

 Cyber Vulnerability and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

-        Is there data available online that can be used to uniquely identify you, your social or business networks and contact information that would provide a cyber attacker the means and a pretext to exploit you to gain access to your sensitive information.

Criminals use publicly available information to target and exploit you. If they know more than you do, you leave yourself dangerously exposed. The KCG OE-TRA provides a new level of visibility and situational awareness across the physical and cyber threat landscape. Get assessed and take the first step to understand your online threats, risks and vulnerabilities so you can better protect yourself, your family, critical assets and sensitive information.

What should you do?

To learn more about your online exposure and how to mitigate it, please read our self-assessment tool. This tool discusses identifying, assessing and mitigating digital risks to ensure you stay protected. 

If you feel uncomfortable with your self-assessment answers, please book a consultation.