March 30, 2023

On the Shayne Ganam Show talking about CSIS leaks

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I had the pleasure of joining the Shaye Ganam Show, simulcast on 630 CHED in Edmonton and QR 770 in Calgary to talk about the fallout from the CSIS leaks.

You can click this link to listen to the recording

This is further to my blog post on the leaks here and my twitter thread in response to the leaker’s globe and mail “Why I blew the whistle” column in the globe and mail.

I know many people are applauding the leaks because they believe they are shining a light on a national security issues that have not been addressed. In my opinion the collectors don’t get to make independent decisions on what they choose to share outside the structure we have to protect out information. This can have real consequences including;

  1. Risk to security: The sensitive information leaked by CSIS could potentially compromise national security, as it could be used by foreign intelligence agencies or terrorist organizations
  2. Trust and credibility: The leaks have undermined public trust and confidence in the CSIS, as they suggest a lack of proper security measures and protocols within the agency.
  3. Impact on international relations: The leaks could also have implications for Canada’s relations with other countries, particularly those with which we shares intelligence.
  4. Protection of sources and methods: The disclosure of sensitive information could also jeopardize the safety of CSIS agents and informants, as well as the methods they use to gather intelligence.

Overall, the leaks of sensitive CSIS information are a significant concern for Canadian national security, and measures must be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

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