November 18, 2022

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It is always special for me to be asked to share my experience with the Jewish community. The truth is that I always did feel VERY Jewish while working for CSIS. It is said that antisemitism is on the rise. Well, it was always here and the files I worked on often included talking to people that (at a minimum and charitably) had negative feelings towards the Jewish state.

Kirsch Group works with many places of worship, providing security audits and threat risk assessments. While it is important that we keep our public spaces open and welcoming we must also provide duty of care to those who work and visit the spaces. As a security consultant I have an appreciation for the security measures we can take to keep ourselves safe. As a Jew who worked for CSIS – I have a unique appreciation for the severity of the risks if we don’t.

You can find the full interview here: An Interview with a Jewish Spy from Canada

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