January 23, 2023

How Much Does a Bug Sweep Cost?

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The cost of a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Survey, also known as a “bug sweep” is based on the technical team’s daily rate as well as any additional time it will take to draft the report if there are enhanced reporting requirements. Pricing generally excludes travel expenses for out of province or international engagements.

Size of site does not necessarily equate to cost of the sweep

Most offices and medium sized homes can be completed in a half day. It is important to note, that the site’s square footage is not always an indication of the amount of time a sweep will take. In most cases, not all areas may need to be surveyed. There are ways to be efficient with a bug sweep, including limited the sweep to the most sensitive or critical areas where sensitive conversations are held and / or information exchanged.

Bug Sweep Discounts available for small jobs or bundling services

There may be lower cost options for some very targeted projects such as cars or smaller units. Discounts are also available if the survey is combined with a physical security threat risk assessment or due diligence services.

More information available

Please see additional blog posts for more information on sweeps.

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