October 26, 2023

Future of Crime Intelligence and Analysis Conference

Featured image for “Future of Crime Intelligence and Analysis Conference”

Thank you Canadian Security Magazine for your coverage of the ‘Future of Crime Intelligence and Analysis’ event held this Spring at Seneca Polytechnic. This event brought together over 100 industry professionals from law enforcement, security, intelligence, and education.

As the keynote speaker of the event, our very own Andrew Kirsch shared his unique insights on the current national security challenges both in the physical and cyber realms, as well as sharing tools for which to mitigate these ongoing risks.

Events like these serve as a constant source of motivation and Kirsch Group takes great pride in being an active participant in this event and in these important conversation. Our commitment to advancing the discourse around security challenges underscores the significance of collaboration and cooperation in addressing the complex and ever-changing landscape of national security. These conversations are vital in building a safer and more secure future for our communities and nations.



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