July 20, 2023

Expert Witnesses: What Should You Look For?

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Kirsch Group consultants have diverse backgrounds and a wide range of experience and expertise in all aspects of security. We have often been called on to serve as expert witnesses for support in complex mediation and litigation.  

We know that lawyers and professional mediators must consider several factors to ensure they find the most suitable and credible individual. Here are some key aspects that make Kirsch Group consultants a partner you can depend on in your matter: 

Expertise and Qualifications

Our consultants have industry leading certifications and qualifications as well as decades of experience in the security space. We likely have the relevant expertise as well as knowledge and specialization you need that will be directly related to the subject matter of the case.  

Track Record and Experience 

We have a track record and experience as expert witnesses. We have likely provided prior testimony or been involved in similar cases and can demonstrate our ability to provide reliable and persuasive opinions. As experienced expert witnesses, we will bring added credibility to your case. 

Reputation and Credibility  

Kirsch group consultants have been trusted at the highest levels of national security. Our reputation in the security community is demonstrated by the number of government advisory panels and speaking engagements we continue to be asked to contribute to. 

Impartiality and Objectivity  

We pride ourselves on being a trusted 3rd party and able to provide unbiased and impartial opinions based on facts and our expertise. We are risk consultants and do not sell security products or services that would cause a conflict or keep us from providing objective advice. 

Effective Communication Skills  

Our consultants have strong communications skills developed from years of security briefings. We can effectively convey complex information and articulate opinions and present evidence in a clear, compelling and convincing manner. 

A Part of Your Team  

We aim to work with you to understand your challenges and provide the advice, guidance and reports that suit your requirements within your time and budget.  

Admissibility and Courtroom Experience  

Our experts know the rules of evidence and experience in the courtroom. We are familiar with the standards for admissibility of evidence and have experience testifying. 

Finding the right expert witness can significantly impact the outcome of a mediation or trial. Kirsch Group Consultants have the experience, qualifications, and track record to provide the necessary credibility, expertise, and support to strengthen your case. Get in touch to speak to one of our consultants.  



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