Due Diligence and Private Investigations

Kirsch Group due diligence and private investigations services will provide you with all the relevant information you need to make the best risk informed decisions. A small investment in information and intelligence gathering has been proven to save time, money and reputation risk. Vetting of prospective employees, partners and clients by an experienced and impartial third party will go a long way to prevent foreseeable conflicts before they arise.   

Types of due diligence include: 

  •  Reference, credit and criminal background checks

  • Comprehensive open source and dark-web investigations

  • Pre-employment employee verification checks

  • Mutlijurisdictional litigation support

  • Corporate and business intelligence

  • Private investigation services such as physical surveillance

In addition to our network of former members of Canada's intelligence and law enforcement community, Kirsch Group is proud to be a member of the Council of International Investigators, providing our clients a global network of investigative resources.