Due Diligence and Private Investigations

Kirsch Group's due diligence and private investigations services will provide you with all the relevant information, and our services empower you to make informed, risk-conscious strategic decisions. Investing in professional information and intelligence gathering not only saves time and money but also helps to mitigate reputation risks. Plus, engaging an experienced third party can proactively prevent foreseeable conflicts.

Types of Due Diligence Include:

  • Reference, Credit, and Criminal Background Checks: Our thorough background checks provide detailed information about individuals, including their professional history, financial standing, and any criminal records, ensuring you have a complete picture before making important decisions.

  • Comprehensive Open-Source and Dark-Web Investigations: We utilize advanced tools and techniques to gather information from open sources and the dark web, uncovering valuable insights that may not be readily available through conventional means.

  • Pre-Employment Employee Verification Checks: Ensure the integrity of your workforce with our pre-employment verification services. These services verify the credentials and qualifications of potentially hired candidates, protecting your business from potential risks.

  • Multijurisdictional Litigation Support: Our team can provide support in legal matters across multiple jurisdictions, including gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and providing expert testimony, ensuring your legal proceedings are supported by thorough investigative work.

  • Corporate and Business Intelligence: Gain a competitive edge with our corporate and business intelligence services, which provide valuable insights into market trends, competitor strategies, and industry developments, helping you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Private Investigation Services, Including Physical Surveillance: Our private investigation services encompass a range of activities, including surveillance, to gather evidence and information discreetly and professionally, helping you protect your interests and uncover the truth.

Why Choose Kirsch Group for Due Diligence and Private Investigations?



We take a comprehensive approach to due diligence and private investigations, ensuring that our recommendations are practical and effective.



With years of experience serving government, commercial, financial services, and private clients, we understand the unique security needs of various industries.



We tailor our assessments to your organization's size, industry, and operational requirements, providing targeted solutions that address your specific security challenges.

Kirsch Group’s Key Deliverables:

The key deliverables for Kirsch Group's Due Diligence and Private Investigations services include:

  • Comprehensive Reports: Detailed reports summarizing the findings of the investigation, including all relevant information gathered and analysis conducted.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Suggestions based on the investigation's findings aimed at helping clients make informed decisions.

  • Evidence Collection: Collected evidence, such as documentation, photographs, and recordings, relevant to the investigation.

  • Background Checks: Detailed background check reports on individuals or entities of interest, including reference, credit, and criminal background checks.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored solutions that address specific security challenges and meet each client's unique needs.

In addition to our network of former members of Canada's intelligence and law enforcement community, Kirsch Group is proud to be a member of the Council of International Investigators, providing our clients with a global network of investigative resources.