July 12, 2023

Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) 2023 Call for Applications

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Public Safety Canada is currently accepting applications for the 2023 Security Infrastructure Program (SIP). The deadline to submit an application is August 31, 2023  at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

The SIP provides time-limited funding and support for communities at risk of hate-motivated incidents and hate-motivated crimes to enhance physical security at their gathering spaces.

Approved project proposals are eligible for funding up to a maximum of 50% of total eligible project costs, with a maximum Public Safety Canada contribution of $100,000 per project.

Eligible Recipients include:

Eligible Recipient ClassProgram DefinitionExamples
Place of WorshipPermanent building, sacred site, or structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a not-for-profit organization for the primary purpose of regular gatherings to share, express or practice a commonly-held faith, spiritual belief or religion. A place of worship does not include portions of such building or structure used for any commercial or residential purposes, including but not limited to onsite daycare spaces and senior residences.Temple Mosque Synagogue Gurdwara Church
Community CentrePermanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a not-for-profit organization, with the primary purpose of various regularly occurring culturally significant activities and programming. This includes community activities that promote the culture and well-being of those who occupy the space such as camps, arts, crafts, physical, social, charitable, and educational activities as well as social services primarily directed to the identifiable community. A community centre does not include portions of such building, site or structure used for any commercial or residential purposes. A club is not a community centre.Community drop-in centre Cultural centre Aboriginal Friendship Centre
Provincially/Territorially Recognized Educational InstitutionPermanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is owned or leased by a provincially or territorially-recognized or accredited not-for-profit institution with a primary mandate related to education and training, and which identifies with a specific cultural, spiritual or religious community (e.g., faith-based schools, cultural and language schools, seminaries and other institutions that provide theological instruction).Kindergarten Junior Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School Seminaries Heritage language schools
Gender-Based Violence (GBV) ShelterPermanent building, structure, or portion thereof, that is operated as a 24/7 temporary housing facility by an organization that has as a primary mandate of serving individuals at-risk, victims and survivors of gender-based violence (including 2SLGBTQI+ peoples). The facility may be a primary stage support as a temporary emergency shelter or a secondary stage support as transitional supportive housing. Transitional supportive housing facilities must be for the purposes of supporting individuals experiencing gender-based violence and cannot be leased property. The transitional housing must be under the organization’s legal ownership to be eligible.2SLGBTQI+ Shelters Women’s Shelters Transitional Housing

The following are eligible activities and expenses:

Expense CategoryEligible Activities/ExpensesCategory Max Limit
Physical Security Enhancement EquipmentProtective barriers and lighting (e.g. fencing, gates, bollards, exterior lighting and security-grade window film). Anti-graffiti spray. Intrusion detection systems (e.g. alarm system, sensors). Physical access control (e.g. locking devices, key card systems). Video surveillance or Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) (e.g. cameras, monitors). Cost associated to labour and installation of physical security enhancement equipment.Up to $100,000 (federal share)
Minor Renovations and Supplementary EquipmentReinforced windows and doors (or other security feature such as improved locking mechanism). Fire monitoring (limited to fire monitoring panels and related sensors such as smoke and heat detectors). Notification and warning systems (e.g. public address systems, intercoms and panic buttons). Reasonable renovations directly related to enhancing the security of the building (limited to main entrances or lobbies). Landscaping to address vulnerabilities identified in a completed security assessment.Up to $35,000 (federal share)
PlanningCompletion of security (vulnerability) assessments of the project site. Development and/or enhancement of security plans and protocols. Development and/or enhancement of emergency contingency plans. Development and/or enhancement of evacuation/shelter-in-place plans.Up to $5,000 (federal share)
TrainingOn-site or online security training relevant to responding to, or preparing volunteers and staff members for a hate-motivated incident (see training on responding to a hate-motivated event for more information). Training on how to use newly installed equipment.Up to $10,000 (federal share)

If you are considering applying

Ensure you have reviewed the program eligibility and application requirements.

Each application form will require the following from the applicant prior to submission:

  • A completed budget using the provided mandatory template
  • A support letter from the community
  • A work plan outlining what the funding will be used for, and how each element will lower the risk of hate-motivated crime/incidents at your project site
  • Floorplans of the project site outlining the proposed security measures
  • A minimum of one (1) quote outlining the equipment being requested from a vendor who will undertake your project

To apply and learn more about eligibility and recent program changes, please visit Public Safety Canada’s website at

Kirsch Group provides security planning and training services such as threat risk assessments and assistance with security planning documents that qualify for SIP grant funding. If you would like to discuss your security requirements or are considering applying for a SIP grant and would like a quote for security services please get in touch.



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