August 17, 2023

Bug Sweeps – A Critical Step in Protecting Your Premises

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In a digital age where information is precious and vulnerabilities are real, safeguarding your environment from covert threats is paramount. Enter Bug Sweeps, technically known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (or TSCM) – a formidable defence against the discreetly planted cameras or microphones that could compromise your privacy. 

As the summer break draws to a close and schools and offices gear up to welcome students and employees back, now is an opportune moment to take proactive steps to safeguard your spaces, especially in environments accessible to the public. Whether it’s office buildings, recreational facilities, or schools, all publicly accessible areas are vulnerable to potential security breaches.

Our Bug Sweeps are designed to detect covert viewing and listening devices that may compromise the confidentiality of your spaces. Book a free consultation today

In Recent News

Recent headlines reveal alarming privacy breaches that demand immediate attention. As schools and offices prepare to reopen, ensuring secure environments becomes paramount.   

Bug Sweeps with Kirsch Group

The Kirsch Group Team is unique for its rare experience as bug sweepers and former installers drawn from the Canadian intelligence, military, and law enforcement community. Our founder, Andrew Kirsch, has deployed covert devices (legally) as a team lead on the Special Operations unit of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Book your free consultation today.



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