August 31, 2023

Announcing Kirsch Group Partnership with Carbide Secure

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At Kirsch Group we believe security policies, processes and tools must work together effectively to ensure optimal corporate security and satisfy compliance requirements. That is why having information and privacy security policies that are right for your organization is so important. However, building these policies from scratch as well as ensuring they adhere to a recognized and appropriate regulatory framework can be overwhelming. It often requires expertise and bandwidth many companies just don’t have.

That is why we are so happy to partner with Carbide Secure an all-in-one platform solution to help you build appropriate policies, automate risk management processes and save time and money with instant audit and compliance reports as well as assistance answering 3rd party questionnaires.

Whether you require all new security policies for regulatory or audit purposes or simply want to ensure you are following best practices, get in touch today and let Kirsch Group help you optimize your security policy and privacy program



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