November 30, 2022

Andrew Kirsch joins the Sentinel Security Podcast

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We talk about security in the physical and digital world.

In a recent podcast episode of “The Sentinel Mindset,” Kirsch Group founder and security expert Andrew Kirsch explains how he uses the lessons he learned from a career as a spy with CSIS to help keep people safe in a dangerous world.

Kirsch reveals on the podcast, it’s unfortunately quite easy for a hacker to get access to us. As we spend more of our lives online (for banking, shopping, dating, and entertainment) we put our data at risk and open ourselves and everyone we are connected to crimes like fraud, harassment and identity theft. 

And if you don’t think you don’t have anything of value – think again. Hackers use access to us to get access to everyone we are connected to – that could mean our Company CEO, or our technically unsophisticated aunt who might fall for a scam. 

Andrew explains how Kirsch Group conducts our industry leading physical security threat risk assessments and technical surveillance countermeasures (old fashion bug sweeps) to keep our clients safe in the physical world. He also discusses the rise in cyber security threats and how to protect yourself and those close to you in the physical and digital world.  

Although a sometimes scary topic Andrew uses examples from his career and life – like how he turns his home into “Home Alone” when he travels and why Constantine’s password may not be as strong as he thinks. We hope you enjoy. 

The Full podcast can be found HERE

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