April 24, 2023

Academy for Lifelong Learning Talk

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On May 3rd, I’ll be speaking at The Academy for Lifelong Learning in Toronto about why I think it’s important more people know about our National Security – the threats we face as Canadians and the great work happening behind the scenes that you don’t always hear about in the news.
I do a lot of speaking at security-related events. It gives me particular pleasure to be invited to community groups to recognize the organizations that are working hard to protect us as well as helping people understand what we can all do to keep each other safe.
Security can sometimes be a scary and overwhelming topic for those not in the security community. I hope through entertaining and informative presentations I can help raise awareness of the challenges as well as strategies for how to mitigate risk. We are all interconnected and while organizations like CSIS have a mandated to protect us, we all have a role to play in our own safety, and that of our community, our organizations, and country.
Thank you, Academy for Lifelong Learning for inviting me. I look forward to it!
Visit for more information on this presentation and get in touch if you would like me to speak at your next event.



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